Private Label

We've Been Around for a While

Bountiful Rest Mattress has a long history of developing, manufacturing, importing, and distributing premium mattress products. Put our manufacturing know-how and diversified skill set to work for your retail or wholesale distribution business.

Here to Assist you

Whether you want to add a single private label mattress to your floor or a full line of mattresses, our staff is here to help. We will help you design your private label mattress.

We Help you Launch!

Our private label program provides a feature that other companies do not have: marketing material. We can create a digital rendering of your mattress(es) for use in brochures, websites, and sales pitches. We include a marketing bundle to assist you in quickly setting up and running product pages even before your first mattress is out the door, saving you time developing content and photo sessions.

Brand Your Business

Private label mattresses are especially suited for high luxury business, new industry hitters, and independently owned hotels! Customers participating in our warehouse program are also eligible.