Our History

“Top-of-the-line mattresses for top-of-the-line slumber”


Bountiful Rest Mattress has been handcrafting mattresses since 1952, integrating traditional manufacturing methods, natural materials, and cutting-edge technology.


This family-owned and run business has always strived to be a constructive factor in the communities it serves by acting as a reliable business partner, a responsible employer, and a firm believer in our values. Bountiful Rest Mattress will never stop aiming for perfection for its customers and neighbors to “Sleep well, live well.”


We are a family-owned and operated business that has been trusted by generations of families. We don’t cut corners. We take the long route. We create handcrafted, high-quality natural mattresses that are more durable, supportive, pleasant, and healthy for you and your family than our competitors’. Through our expertise and knowledge of all mattress components, we put our customers first. When we say our hand-crafted, eco-friendly mattresses are made with the highest quality natural materials and structure, we mean it.


We can design and construct mattresses in our 31,000 square foot facility while still ensuring that each mattress follows our unique HQ production method.


Our 70 years of mattress manufacturing experience enables us to blend the best of old-fashioned craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.


Our team of professionals knows exactly what it takes to handcraft superior quality mattresses, and each of our builders knows all there is to know about mattresses from A to Z.


Bountiful Rest Mattress has been designing and manufacturing premium mattresses for over 70 years. Assisting businesses in achieving their objectives.


We’ve worked with furniture stores, interior designers, mattress merchants, and RV manufacturers throughout the country. Any mattress can be customized, designed, and manufactured to meet the needs of each individual consumer.